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"Visitors that chat are 5x more likely to buy"

You agree that a live chat widget on your web site will build trust, increase engagement and convert more visitors to customers. But manning a chat desk 24x7 requires a minimum of 5 agents. The cost and effort of recruitment and training holds you back. Enter WarmConnect's outsourced chat service. We setup the chat widget on your site, create an FAQ, train our agents in your products, and handle your chat desk for you!

A Chat Widget builds Trust and Engagement

Chat widgets:
  • Provide you Feedback: Ever wondered why so many were visiting your site and leaving without buying? A chat widget could tell you why. Transcripts of each chat session are stored, allowing you to discover insights into customer preferences.
  • Help Customers Navigate: Customer attention span is low and dropping, and they no longer have time to search your site for answers. 80% of information asked for in a chat session will already be on your site!
  • Build Trust: Chat widgets convey a sense of investment and organization, and leave the customer with the knowledge that you are committed to your site.
  • Increase Sales: Research suggests that visitors that chat are 5 times more likely to buy.

Manning a Chat Desk 24x7 requires a minimum of 5 agents

Chat agents work 200 hours a month, while there are about 720 hours in total per month. Add holidays and peak time scheduling; about 5 agents are needed to man a chat widget 24x7. Since chat agents can handle up to 4 chat sessions simultaneously, they are likely to be severely underutilized (unless your web site traffic is very high).

    Cost & Effort of manning a Chat Desk is holding you back

    Even if you are convinced that a chat system pays for itself, the cost and effort of recruiting, training, scheduling and handling employee churn may be holding you back.

      WarmConnect provides shared agents 24x7

      WarmConnect provides you the start you need down the road to web site chat. We provide a team of seven shared agents that answer chat requests coming to your website. These agents are shared with other websites, so their time is better utilised. As a result, they are far cheaper than recruiting your own chat agents. You can choose between agents located in the US, or overseas to reduce costs.

        We do the hard work.

        As part of the onboarding, we do the following:
        • Create an FAQ: We create an initial knowledge base of your business, and create a list of frequently asked questions.
        • Train Agents: We then train our agents in your knowledge base, and also in the content of your website.
        • Setup the Widget: We provide you the javascript to setup our custom widget on your website. We provide full technical support for the same.

        Optionally provide phones (outbound&inbound) to your chat agents!

        An interesting option of our chat service is to provide chat agents with the ability to take and make calls on your behalf. Incoming calls can be routed through an IVR, or a queue. This option can be subscribed to later.

          Indicative Pricing

          There are two pricing options:
          • US located agents.
          • Overseas agents.
          USDUS agentsOverseas agents
          Per chat session$6$1
          1. You pay a monthly charge and a charge per chat session.
          2. There are no free chat sessions included in monthly charge.
          3. Final pricing is after a free consultation process.

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          • Analysis of your site to check the potential for a sales uplift from a chat widget
          • Advise on whether you should choose US based or overseas agents
          • A final quote on pricing.
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