Voice Broadcasting / Press 1 Campaigns


  • Play recorded message to thousands in a short time
  • Leave messages in mailboxes
  • "Press 1" type of campaign: listener can press a digit to speak to your agent
  • Conduct automated telephone surveys
  • Massively scalable capacity
  • Text to speech
  • Call charges start from $0.0099/min!
  • 3 line demo available

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"High Capacity Broadcasting from $0.0099/min!"

Use WarmConnect voice broadcasting system to play a message to thousands of people in a short time, to leave messages in mailboxes, to conduct automated surveys or for a "press 1" type of campaign where the listener can press a digit to speak to your agent after the message. Capacity scales from 25 to 2400 simultaneous lines! Call charges start from $0.0099/min (USA & Canada)! Text to speech is an added option. Demo available.


  • Play pre-recorded or text to speech messages or a combination of both.
  • Internal DNC list. Listener can dial a digit to place herself on DNC list.
  • Record response of listener.
  • Full answering machine detection. Play one message for answering machines and another for live answer.
  • Ability to wait for silence on line before playing message: ensure your message is heard.
  • Listener can be transferred to a logged in agent, or forwarded to any phone number on pressing a digit.
  • Text to speech option: Get listeners' attention by speaking name and other personalised details.
  • Text to speech option can speak out any detail from your uploaded database.
  • Broadcast dialer is also able to dial the same leads in predictive, automatic or manual modes.
  • Free 24x7 telephonic support

System explained

  • When you subscribe to our system, we configure your own broadcast dialer for you.
  • This broadcast dialer keeps your settings and data intact between runs.
  • Your online console has a start and stop button for your broadcast dialer.
  • You pay an hourly charge for your dialer between the start and stop times.
  • In addition you pay a per minute charge for each call that connects.
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A'la Carte pricing! Cheapest broadcasting solution on Earth!

Broadcast Dialer Costs

  • Decide line capacity of your broadcasting dialer: Standard sizes are 25, 50, 100, 200 and 400.
  • No setup fee for standard capacity.
  • We also have non-standard line capacities between these and beyond to 2400 lines.
  • Non-standard line capacity dialers have a setup fee starting from $90. Our helpdesk has more information.
  • No monthly minimum spend, no contract.

Broadcast Call Charges

  • Broadcast to any country on the planet. USA & Canada are at $0.0099/minute. More countries
  • Text to speech charged for additionally @ $0.00099/minute.
  • Only answered calls are charged.

Pricing and Plans

There are two pricing options:
  • A'la carte: You pay separately for dialer and minutes. Gives you flexibility to use lower priced rate decks.
  • Unlimited: Unlimited USA & Canada calling is included in the hourly price of the dialer.
Dialer CostSeatsLinesUnlimited CallsConfiguration
$0.15/hour525$2.5/hourSingle Server
$0.3/hour1050$5/hourSingle Server
$0.45/hour1575$7.5/hourSingle Server
$0.6/hour20100$10/hourSingle Server
$0.9/hour30150$15/hourSingle Server
$1.2/hour40200$20/hourSingle Server
$1.8/hour60300$30/hourSingle Server
$2.4/hour80400$40/hourSingle Server
$4.8/hour152800$80/hourMaster + Slave
$7.2/hour2241200$120/hourMaster + 2 Slaves
$9.6/hour2961600$160/hourMaster + 3 Slaves
$12/hour3682000$200/hourMaster + 4 Slaves
$14.4/hour4402400$240/hourMaster + 5 Slaves
  1. All lines on a plan are available even if all agents are not logged in.
  2. USA & Canada calling is included in "Unlimited Calls" option.

Sign-up for a free trial now, procrastinate before paying up.

Signing up for a free trial

  • Click on the "take demo" link and register for the free trial.
  • A hosted demo dialer will be started for you in a minute, along with a help pane with instructions.
  • The dialer will remain functional for a couple of hours before switching off.
  • We recommend scheduling a walk through of the trial by sending us a phone, time and time zone to call you at.
  • We add credit daily for about 5 days to let you return to the trial.

Converting your free trial account to production

  • Make a small payment into your WarmConnect account to test your ability to pay for the service.
  • Sign-in at the top right corner of this website, click on Open console -> Payments.
  • Pay by Credit Card or PayPal.
  • If PayPal, please send us the postal address listed in your PayPal account from the account's email address.
  • The first payment from a PayPal account undergoes a verification process that takes about 1 working day.
  • Tell us also your special requirements such as staffing, broadcasting lines or CRM integration etc.
  • Schedule a walk through of the service by sending us a phone, time and time zone to call you at.
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Per Minute Tariff Plan

Code CountryRate
1600, 1782, 1825, 1403, 1587, 1780, 1778, 1604, 1236, 1250, 1431, 1204, 1506, 1709, 1867, 1902, 1365, 1416, 1343, 1807, 1437, 1289, 1519, 1548, 1249, 1905, 1613, 1647, 1226, 1705, 1819, 1579, 1438, 1581, 1450, 1418, 1873, 1514, 1639, 1306, 1, 1674Canada0.0099
1671, 1939, 1787Guam0.0149
1808USA Hawaii0.0199
1907, 1441, 1670Alaska0.0499
1809, 1849, 1829, 1340Caribbean (809 Area Codes) & Dominican Republic0.0799
1242, 1721Bahamas0.1199
1345Cayman Island0.1599
1684, 1264, 1268, 1246, 1284, 1767, 1473, 1876, 1664, 1869, 1758, 1784, 1868, 1649American Samoa0.2299

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