Inbound -> ACD IVR Blended

ACD + IVR + Blended Outbound + Full Services = Satisfied Customers!


1. ACD
WarmConnect's multi channel ACD spans voice, email and SMS.
2. IVR
Intelligent Self Service and Routing.
3. Blended Outbound
Blend inbound calls with outbound for maximum agent productivity.
4. Testimonial Thirstiness®
We do whatever it takes to get testimonials, and then we live up to them.
5. Full Service
A range of related services help you put things together, including numbers from 56 countries, email and SMS gateways
6. Easy to try and buy
Free trial with telephonic walk-through. Service charged hourly, no setup, contracts or minimums.

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WarmConnect Virtual Contact Centre System

WarmConnect Virtual Contact Centre System integrates multichannel ACDs and IVRs with blended outbound dialing. Our Testimonial Thirsty® helpdesk will help you use its features to satisfy any need. A range of related services help you start such as numbers from 56 countries, email and SMS gateways and even agents for your center. Hourly charging with no setup fee, contracts or minimums make it easy to buy. An online demo with a telephonic walk-through make it easy to try.

Multichannel ACD + IVR

Multichannel Automatic Call Distribution

  • Virtually unlimited phone numbers, full call recording, live scripts, call timers and much more!
  • Many distribution strategies including skills based.
  • Multichannel - incoming + outgoing calls, email and sms.
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Interactive Voice Response - IVR

  • Menu timeout and repeat, time restrictions, realtime tracking, virtually infinite chaining and much more!
  • Assisted recording of messages.
  • Many routing options including custom scripting
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Blended Outbound to Maximise Agent Productivity

  • Blended dialing capabilities with queue prioritization
  • Callbacks, timezone restrictions, outbound CallerID, preview, DNC, 3rd party conferencing and much more!
  • Multiple Dialing options: manual outbound, callback, predictive, ratio and power dialing
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Testimonial Thirstiness®

"Also, I just wanted to say how great you guys have been. We have used a Vici Dialer in the past and yours is heads and shoulders above the rest. Affordable, customizable, etc... it's just very refreshing to work with you."
Mark J. Lunde
Northern Marketing Group/PCS
  • We live for comments such as the one above.
  • We collect testimonials like kids collect stamps, or whatever they collect nowadays.
  • Our thirst for testimonials drives us to do the following:
  • A telephonic walk through of our demo to help you make sense of the feature list
  • Complete help to configure and get going
  • Telephonic support all the way. We answer our phones!
  • Wide range of related services to help you put things together.

Full range of related services to get you going fast!

Standard services

  • Worldwide phone service starting at $0.0099/minute.
  • Incoming numbers from 56 countries and virtually every area code.
  • Online storage space @ $0.15/GB per month. This is especially useful for recordings.
  • Email and SMS gateway services
  • We even provide agents, should you need help in manning your contact center.

Bespoke services

  • Customization.
  • Low cost staffing for contact centre.
  • Advanced CRM setup. (Basic CRM is included by default).
  • Security, integration, scaling, migration to inhouse ...
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