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Five 9 Reliability for your Predictive Dialer and Contact Centre


  • Multi factor five 9 Reliability
  • Multi-server setup
  • Multi-location hosting across continents
  • Multi-connection access across Internet, VPN or MPLS
  • Rapid re-provisioning

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"Multi Factor Five 9 Reliability"

Five 9 reliability is not an empty boast for WarmConnect Predictive Dialers. We can provide multi-factor redundancy for end to end reliability and uptime. You can choose one or all of these factors to choose your level of reliability, from three 9 to five 9.

Multi server setup

WarmConnect Dialers can be spread over multiple servers with real time replication of the database as the first step towards five 9 reliability. Real time replication allows for rapid failover for events such as hardware failure

Multi location hosting across continents

WarmConnect Dialer components can be spread over multiple data centers, allowing for real time recovery from critical center-level events. Further, non-real time replication can be achieved across continents for the ultimate in redundancy. These two factors form the second bulwark for five 9 reliability.

Multi connection access

Access can be combination of a dedicated Internet connection, or a VPN or even a direct MPLS connection to your dialer. Providing redundant access on a combination of these methods is the next step to end-end five 9 reliability.

Rapid re-provisioning

WarmConnect Predictive Dialer is designed to be provisioned in minutes. The ability to rapidly re-provision capacity is the final measure that takes you to five 9 reliability.