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Bespoke Services for your Dialer and Contact Centre


  • Remote installation
  • Customization
  • Security lock down
  • Integration
  • Scaling
  • Low cost staffing

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"Simple Solutions to Complex Needs"

Our engineers will install, customize, scale up and redesign WarmConnect to suit your needs. We even help you staff your Contact Centre from low cost countries.

Custom design services

  • Remote installations.
  • Customizations for your Dialer and Contact centre.
  • Security lock down customized for your network.
  • Hipaa compliance and encryption.
  • Integration with existing software (e.g. CRM).
  • Integration with hardware (e.g. SIP phones, PSTN gateways).
  • Integration with other VoIP services (e.g. SIP trunks).
  • Other CRM integration
  • Simple requirements are free, the rest will be charged for as per RFP.
  • Contact us via email at with your requirements.

Low cost staffing for your dialer and contact centre

  • We provide trained staffing for your dialer and contact centre.
  • Staffing for agents as well as administrator.
  • Requirements can be as few as 2 people.
  • Ad hoc and short duration requirements catered to.
  • Contact us via email at with your requirements.

Vtiger CRM

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Customer Support & Service
  • Marketing Automation
  • Inventory Management
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Structured Messaging

  • Structure email by customer, transaction or any atomic level.
  • Does away with personal or role based email ids to send and receive email.
  • Use POP3 and SMTP to interact with structured messages.
  • Powerful tool to connect an enterprise with its customers.